This page is for LFBC family, local families and communities to unite in prayer for each other.  If you have a prayer need, use the prayer request form.

New LFBC Pastor Search Committee:  Robert Lane, Danny Meek, Bob Stephenson, Karen Harpole, Tod Byrd & alternate, Randy Echols.  Please be in prayer for this committee as they do God's work.

Feb 24

Remember Rick & Carla Nichols in your prayers today.  Rick is having surgery on his neck at Christus Mother Frances in Tyler.  Update:  Rick is out of surgery.  It took a little longer than anticipated & he will have to stay in the hospital a little longer.

Ronnie Cain will be having surgery on Wednesday this week for his abdominal aneurysm in Plano. Be in prayer for both Ronnie & Regina.

Kelli Moore will be having surgery on Thursday to blast more kidney stones.  Please be in prayer for her.  Both her sister & mom are having health issues too.

Update on Gary Stracener:  Doing dye test & x-rays to see everything is working properly.  Doctor will come back in two hours or so & give them results of test & praying that Gary is able to take clear liquids today.

Feb 22

Update on Gary Stracener:  Gary is doing better, alert & semi-active.  He is getting respiratory therapy & he will be taking some more strolls, hopefully a little farther than yesterday.  Ruth & Gary send their thanks for all the prayers.  Keep them up.  Still no visitors please.

Feb 21

A Praise God report from Ruth Stracener: A big THANK YOU to all that have been praying. Pathology came back all clear, no more cancer! Gary's kidneys are functioning normally & his breathing is improving. He is tired & weak, but he is going for a little walk today. Please pray for his breathing to continue to improve & for comfort from the pain. God bless each one of you for your support & mostly for your prayers. Love you all.

Feb 20

Update on Gary Stracener (from Ruth): Restless night, giving him 2 units of blood.  Took sonogram & two x-rays this morning.  Waiting on kidney doctor to come see him.  Will update after talking to doctor.  Please continue to pray for Gary & Ruth.

Feb 19

Big prayers needed for Gary & Ruth Stracener.  Gary's kidneys are trying to shut down.  Please stop & lift Gary, Ruth & the medical in prayer.  Will update as we know more. NO Visitors Please.

Feb 17

Praises:  Gary Stracener is out of surgery & all went well.  Continue to lift Gary & Ruth as Gary has a long road in recovery.

Please be in prayer for Linda Leonard Gholson & family.  Linda's mother passed away yesterday.

Feb 12

Wednesday night prayer requests:  Ken Hare - advanced prostate cancer, Julie Parker - staph infection

Lift Charlie Cook in prayer.  He is at UT Health Tyler for surgery for broken bones in his ankle.

Praises:  Jan Kerr was released from hospital to go home today.

Feb 11

Praises for successful eye surgery for Terry & Ken Bernhard's, daughter-in-law.  Prayers for speedy healing please.

More prayers for Rhonda Ragsdale.  Her mother passed away last night or early this morning & Rhonda is still in the hospital.

Feb 10

from Sherry Pace:  Pray for my friend, Tommy for breathing problems.

Continue to pray for Curtis, Nelda Wilcoxson's.  He had an angioplasty today & it went well, but he is still having shortness of breath & congestive heart failure.  Pray for Nelda also.

Please lift Cecil Gaines in prayer for two surgeries this week for a bone infection that he has been fighting for a year.  Surgeries will be Feb 12 & 14 at Medical City.

Julia Parker is in the hopsital in Longview Christus Mother Frances #2120.

Prayers for Dave & Rhonda Ragsdale.  Dave had heart stent done on Sunday & is at Harris Methodist Hurst-Euless & Rhonda was moved there as well.  She will undergo having a drain tube inserted into her lung to drain infection.

Prayers needed for Charlie Cook, Jo's husband.  He fell this weekend breaking his ankle & fracturing his leg.  He will have surgery soon.

Continue to pray for Jan & James Kerr.  Jan is still in Christus Mother Frances in Sulphur Springs #324.

Don LaRocca is still having breathing problems.  Continue to be in prayer for him.

Praise:  Kim Edleston's great nephew, Hayden was able to go home this weekend.  He still has a pic line for antibiotics & the aneurysm is shrinking, but he still has a long road of healing.  Continue to pray for Hayden.

Feb 7

from Linda Gholson:  Please pray for Ron B.  He just had a tumor from his spine & also needs his kidney removed because of tumor.  Also my step-father, Willie S.  Being admitted to hospital & we are talking to hospice & doctors tomorrow.

Feb 6

from Nelda Wilcoxson:  Be in prayer for my son, Curtis.  He was taken by ambulance to Athens hospital with shortness of breath.

Be in prayer for Matt Hewitt as he will be undergoing a biopsy on a lump on his neck.

Lift Jan Kerr in prayer.  She has been admitted to Christus Mother Frances in Sulphur Springs.

from Annie McNown:  Pray for Sheila A.  She has lupus & it is giving her problems.  She will begin chemo treatments soon.

Feb 4

Shirley Belcher's procedure went well.  Sample was sent for pathology.  Prayers for good results.

Feb 3

Pray for Rhonda Ragsdale.  She is in the hospital with pneumonia at Christus Mother Frances.

Pray for the families of the two people shot & killed today on A&M Commerce campus & one sent to the hospital.

Pray for Kelli Moore's mom.  She is losing blood & will be seeing doctor on Tuesday for test results. Remember to lift Kelli in prayer as she is having hearing problems.

Mary Helen Stemler has a torn rotator cuff & is having respiratory problems also.  Prayers for healing.

Lift Tom & Karen Walters in prayer.  Tom is continuing to have health problems.

Shirley Belcher will be having surgery on Tuesday (2/4/20) to remove a hematoma.  Be in prayer for her.

Please continue to lift Kim Edleston's great nephew in prayer.  The second surgery to fix the brain aneurysm didn't work either.  Doctors are working today to come up with another plan.  Pray for divine guidance for the medical team & strength & comfort for the family.

Prayers for Steve for financial security.

Please be in prayer for Judy Gallimore's son, Shawn.  He will be having a major 2 spinal fusion.  Lift him in prayer please & pray for successful surgery with no complications.  Shawn is a believer & knows that God is in control.

Jan 31

Please be in prayer for Joyce Martin, Cyndi Fairbanks' mother.  Joyce fell & breaking her hip.  Scheduled for surgery today at 1 pm in Dallas Baylor.

Jan 30

Gary Stracener is being released from the hospital today.  Continue to lift Gary & Ruth in prayer as they walk the path ahead of them.

Lift Koby Peterson, 12 y/o boy, as he undergoes a bone marrow transplant on Jan 31.

Jan 29

Lift Rolene Myers' daughter, Lynsey in prayer.  She is a diabetic & is in the hospital with her glucose levels going up & down.

Please continue to be in prayer for Gary Stracener & Ruth.  Gary is still in the hospital having tests ran.

Jan 27

Lift Ginger (Smith) in prayer.  Her sister went to heaven yesterday.  Also be in prayer for Georgia Creason & her brother.  His wife, Earlene Riley, went to heaven today & is now free of cancer.

Prayers for friend of Cecil Gaines, Tamlin.  Her 23 month old son was killed in auto accident.

Continue to be in prayer for Don LaRocca for rest & recuperation.  His heart is back in rhythm, but he is having problems with his breathing. 

Please be in prayer for Sherry, a friend of  some ladies at LFBC, who has cancer & it seems to rearing it's ugly head again.

Kim Edleston's great nephew is now in surgery to repair the brain aneurysm.  Continue to lift him in prayer.

Please be in prayer for Betty Phillips.  She went to the hospital this weekend, but is now home.  Still not feeling well, but not sure what caused her chest pain.

Please lift Gary & Ruth Stracener in prayer.  Gary is in the hospital in Tyler with internal bleeding.  As of last night, they didn't know where the bleeding is coming from.

Jan 24

Please be in prayer for Kim Edleston's great nephew (correction), Hayden, 7 y/o.  He is in Children's Hospital with an aneurysm & a blood clot, very serious condition.  He, his family & the medical staff need lots of prayers.

Prayers for Derek Moore who is in ICU with pulmonary embolism.

Jan 21

We got word yesterday that Dale Storm went to be with Jesus.  Please be in prayer for his family & friends.

Jan 14

Lift Don LaRocca in prayer.  He is having Afib & has no energy.  Will be seeing heart doctor next week.

Jan 13

Praises:  Avery Wise is being released from hospital today & Dale Storm was also released this weekend.

Continue to pray for healing for Linda Avant with the burns on her legs.  She is doing better.

Jan 9

Lift Linda Avant in prayer.  She burned her legs in a grass fire, 2nd degree burns.

Jan 8

Avery Wise is still spiking a fever.  Please be in prayer her fever to go down & the antibiotics to work.

Pray for Christine's job, that she may work well & keep her job.

Jan 7

Rodney Owens is home & recouperating.  Will be a process.  Please continue to lift both he & Becky in prayer as he heals.

Continue to pray for Avery Wise as doctors are continuing to treat her for a cyst on her appendix & infection. Pray for Dustin & Kendra too. 

Please continue to be in prayer for selections for Pastor Search Committee.  You must be a member to make nominations. On Sunday, January 12 there will be time during morning service to turn in your nominations for the committee.    Nomination votes will be counted & the top 5 will be contacted to see if they are willing to serve.  Please pray about your selections.  We hope to have a variety of ages, men & women.

Jan 6

Continue to lift Ronnie & Regina Cain in prayer.  Ronnie had a leaking abdominal aneurysm this weekend & is in Medical Center Plano.  He is doing well, but weak.  Hoping to go home soon.

Be in prayer for the Bates family that had the wreck this weekend.  Grandmother, Anna that was driving was killed.  Three children were with her 6 yr old, 4yr old & 7 month old, Zander. Zander went to the arms of Jesus yesterday.  These families have had 2 major losses & they need lots of prayers as they try to figure out how to live their lives with two major people missing.

Lift Avery Wise in prayer.  She was admitted to hospital this weekend with appendix trouble.  Looks like in a 6 weeks or  so she will have it removed.  

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