In my distress I called upon the Lord.

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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

April 22

Continue to lift Bro Arlis & Geneva Banks in prayer.  Bro. Arlis is still in Quitman hospital.

Please lift Ted Warren in prayer.  A tree fell on him Monday.  He had 21 staples in his head.  He has some numbness on the right side of his face.  Doctor says it is nerve damage & should heal on it's own.

April  21

from Phil C: Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation & healing.  Also, please pray for salvation & excellent health for my Uncle Seve & Aunt Jackie.

April 19

Lift Arlis & Geneva Banks in prayer.  Bro. Arlis fell twice Saturday & is in the hospital in Quitman.

April 16

Please continue to lift Pat Edgmon in prayer.  She developed a brain bleed & was moved to Denton Medical City.  Don thinks she may be moved to a regular room today or tomorrow.

April 15

from Annie McNown:  please be in prayer from my cousin's son, Roland.  He is having emergency brain surgery right now in Houston.  Pray for peace for Roland, comfort for his mom & direction for the surgery team.

Please lift Tammy Huie in prayer.  She just had mass removed from her leg, a soft tissue sarcoma.

Mrs. Panter is being released to go home from hospital today.  All tests came back clear.

April 14

Memorial service for Jerry Kersten will be here on Monday, April 19th at 1 pm.

from Bob & Sandy Stephenson:  Our granddaughter’s brother-in-law, Tony Jackson, had emergency open heart surgery last night. Please lift him up.

Update on Fran Dicken:  She is glad to be home.  The feeding tube will come out tomorrow.  Fran is still now walking so this a long haul for recovery.  Please continue to pray for strength & healing.  They are good with with meals at this time.

Update on Helen Panter:  She is in good spirits.  Doctors are still doing tests to figure out why she is losing blood.  Please continue to lift her in prayer for answers.

Please lift Sandy Lovvorn, Jeri Norris' cousin, in prayer.  She is having stomach pain & will be undergoing more testing on Thursday.  Pray for God's guidance for the doctor as he searches for answers.

April 13

Update on Benjamin Marshall:  Doctors are encouraged with tests & x-ray results.  He will wear a back brace for 3 - 4 months with follow up at 2 months.  Ben may be released today or tomorrow.  Continue to pray for complete & speedy healing.

April 12

Please be in prayer for Marie Gowin.  The doctors have discovered many polyps in her lungs.

Lift Julia Gannoway, wife of Rev. Bobby Gannoway of Leesville, LA, in prayer.  She has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Lift Helen Panter in prayer.  She is in the hospital at Sulphur Springs with very low blood pressure & low blood count.  She will be getting a unit of blood & a few more tests.

Lift Benjamin (Ben) Marshall, Marvin & Sandy's oldest son, in prayer.  He fell from 20 feet & has at least one broken vertebra in his back.  They are still waiting on all the test results to hear what the neurologist says needs to be done.


Please be in prayer for Bettye Kersten & family.  Jerry passed away this weekend & is now well & in heaven.

Pat Edgmon fell breaking her hip.  She had it fixed & is in Ft. Worth.  Lift her in prayer for speedy recovery.

April 8

Please lift Cecile Daniel's sister, Cynthia, in prayer.  She has a brain bleed.

Praise God!  Fran Dicken is being release from rehab tomorrow.  They request no visitors the first week as they will be busy with getting all the rehab & visiting nurse schedules set up.  Please contact them before going because Fran will have therapy & exercises daily.   Fran & Jim thank everyone for the prayers & ask that you continue to pray for her continue healing.

Please pray for the safe delivery for Allison Fritz and baby. The baby is only 32 weeks old.

April 6

Please be in prayer for Brenda Meng & family in the loss of her father.

Praises for a successful knee replacement for Earl Edleston.


April 5

Please lift Earl & Kim Edleston in prayer tomorrow.  Earl will be undergoing knee replacement surgery at 8:30am.

April 1

Please lift up Linda Childers in prayer as she will be having open heart surgery soon.