In my distress I called upon the Lord.

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Prayer Requests & Praise Reports

July 29

Update on Elaine Davis:  She is not doing any better.  Now doctors have said that the procedure in Plano will not help.  Continue to lift Elaine & family in prayer.  Family may have to make some hard decisions soon.

Lift Donnie Dockins in prayer.  He is having health issues.

Bob Kirbo went home to Jesus early this morning.  Please be in prayer for Becky Watson & family.   Service arrangements will be at a later date.

July 27

Update Elaine Davis:  Elaine is still in UT Tyler.  She had heart surgery yesterday to place a mechanical pump.  Today the doctor says it is not working the way they had hoped. Next option is to try be evaluated at the Plano heart hospital for something like an electric heart.  She can't make the move for 3 or 4 days until she gets strong.  She needs major prayers & her husband Billy Don.

July 26

Praises:  Roger White is home from his surgery.

Be in prayer for Bob Kirbo, Becky Watson's father.  He had major stroke & is not doing well.

Please lift Billy & Elaine Davis in prayer.  Elaine is in UT Tyler hospital with kidney & heart problems.  She is not doing well & needs lots of prayers.  Doctors are talking about moving her to a hospital in Dallas.

July 23

Please lift Roger & Lillian white in prayer.  Roger has fever since his surgery & the doctor won't let him go home.

July 22

Please lift Matt & Melanie Love in prayer.  She has been diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma at stage 3.  She will have chemo 2 days a month for 6 months.

Willard Harper's surgery went well & he is in recovery.

July 21

Lift Tena Florez in prayer.  She has Covid.

July 20

Roger White is out of surgery & doing well.

July 19

Paige Brown (Charles & Sissie Patrick's daughter) is doing well after her heart cath.

Please be in prayer for Roger White & Willard Harper as they both undergo surgery this week.

July 8

Lift Melody K in prayer as she fights for her life in OKC Heart hospital.

from Christopher Brown:  Please pray that my throat and mouth are free from cancer.

July 7

Please lift up Kay Gaskill.  She has a heart  aneurysm.

Please lift David Cross' father in prayer.  He had a motorcycle accident in Memphis.  David & his mom are there with him.

July 6

from Tammy Huie:  Please  lift  Jaycee H. in prayer for healing.  She is only 22 with a baby & has thyroid cancer that has spread into her lymph nodes.

Lift Roger White in prayer for surgery on July 20th.

July 1

Kenneth Norden went home to the Lord on June 26th.  Visitation will be July 5 from 10-11 a.m. at Beaty Funeral Home in Mineola.  Be in prayer for the Norden family.

Curtis Carey went home to the Lord on June 22nd.  Be in prayer for the Carey family.

Please pray for Louise Jones she just had a hip replacement surgery yesterday. She is doing fine, but pray for her recovery to be quick.

June 24

Kim Edleston's cataract surgery went well.

Jack Carson fell & had to get several stitches & is very sore.  Lift him up for healing.

Prayers for speedy healing for Don Slover with his shoulder surgery.

Continue to be in prayer for the Youth Minister search.

June 23

Louis Heflin's back surgery went well & he was able to go home yesterday.  Continue to lift Louis & Patty in prayer as he heals & pray for no more pain.

June 21

Please be in prayer for former pastor of Lake Side Baptist Church, Canton; Mark Moore.  Bro Moore was in a 4 vehicle accident this weekend & is in ICU with very serious injuries.

Please prayer for full time employment and sleep at night for Crystal Vines.

Praise report for Tammy Huie.  The doctors removed all the cancer in Tammy's leg leaving good clean margins!  God is good!

Kim Edleston will be undergoing cataract surgery Thursday.  Be in prayer for her.

June 18

Tammy Huie's surgery went like the doctors planned.  She is feeling good & hopes to be able to come home in about a week.  Continue to lift her up for future decisions & treatments.

June 9

Be in prayer for Genie Howard.  She is having some heart issues.

from Jeri Norris:  Please be in prayer for my cousin, Judy.  She has another blood clot in her leg. 

June 8

from Jeri Norris:  Please be in prayer for my Aunt Peggy.  She has a lung infection on top of lung cancer.  She has been given IV & oral antibiotics.  Pray for antibiotics to work quickly.

Please lift Louis Heflin up in prayer.  He will have back surgery June 22nd.  Also be in prayer for Tammy Huie.  She will be having cancer surgery on her leg June 17.

Please be in prayer for the LeBrun family for problems that God already knows about.

June 7

from Darlene Burd:  Please pray for my visit with my oncologist at MDAnderson June 10th to begin treatment for my leukemia (myelofibrosis). I praise God it has taken 8 years to progress to this stage!  Please pray for Denny's healing and increasing mobility following his recent back surgery.  Thank you.

Please be in prayer for Louise Jones.  She will have hip replacement surgery on June 28th.

A prayer request for Scott McFadden. He is having trouble eating & breathing. He also has cancer, but the doctors say there is something else wrong with him, but they are not sure what it may be.

June 1

Praises:  No heart issues for Clyde Smith, but he is having vertigo issues.  Continue to lift him in prayer.