Prayer Requests

This page is for LFBC family, local families and communities to unite in prayer for each other.  If you have a prayer need, use the prayer request form.

Tue. Nov 13

Lift Alice Coleman's father, Travis in prayer for stage 4 cancer.

Prayers for Curtis Carey for a broken knee cap.

Prayers for Barron Coleman for a job.

Wed. Nov 7

From Sonja Rosson:  Please be in prayer for my second cousin, Ruston Vickers.  He has been diagnosed with colon cancer.

Tue. Nov 6

Praises:  Cecilia Garrett's surgery went well & she hopes to go home today.  Continue to pray for quick healing & permanent relief of back pain.

Mon. Nov 5

Prayers for Dick Law as he recovers from surgery.

Praises:  Marcy Rodgers was released from hospital this weekend.

Please be in prayer for Alice Coleman's father, Travis.  He has stage 4 lung cancer.  Nov 8, he will have another test to see if cancer has moved into other parts of his body.

Lift Marie Wages in prayer.  She is being taken by ambulance with suspected heart attack.

Update: Doctors are pretty sure she didn't have a heart attack.  Doing more tests.

Geneva Banks is having carpal tunnel surgery on her hand today.  Be in prayer for her during surgery & for a speedy recovery.

Lift Cecilia Garret in prayer as she under goes spinal surgery today @1pm. 

Praises for some relief from back pain for Ila Reynolds.  Continue to pray that the relief holds.

Prayers for Phil Tibbets.  He will undergo a bone scan today.

Be in prayer for Betty & Doug Barnstead's 9 y/o grandson.  He is going to St Judes to treat testicular cancer.

Lift Jerry Kersten up in prayer.  He fell & is having back & knee issues.  Going to the doctor this week.

Lift Billie Jean Sears up in prayer.  She has a bad case of vertigo.

Thu. Nov 1

Wednesday night prayer requests:  Diane Crisp - vertigo Longview Regional, Regina Cain - broken ribs.

Prayers for Regina Cain.  She fell down the stairs & broke/fractured multiple ribs.  She is at Christus Mother Frances.

Marcy Rodgers was taken to ER in Tyler last night.  Please lift her & Dr. Jerry in prayer.

Wed. Oct 31

Diane Crisp, Bro Perry's step-mother is in the hospital with severe headache, vomiting.  Her potassium is very low & they are working to get it up.  Please lift Diane & Bro Norman & family in prayer.

Tue. Oct 30

Please be in prayer for  Linda Tramel & family.  Mark went home to be with Jesus.  Visitation will be Saturday, Nov 3 at 10am-11am at West Oaks Funeral Home in Sulphur Springs.  Graveside service only to follow visitation.  Interment will be at Restlawn Cemetery on Hwy 154.

Lift Shirley Belcher up in prayer.  She is at Waterton Healthcare & Rehabilitation for rehab.  Here is the address Shirley Belcher c/o Waterton at Shiloh 2875 Shiloh Rd Tyler, TX  75703.  I know she would love to get cards from her church family.

Please lift Sharon Warner's brother, Kenneth in prayer.  He was admitted to hospital in kidney failure.

Fri. Oct 26

Please be in prayer for Melissa Brown's Aunt Robbie.  She fell & broke her hip.  Surgery tomorrow.

Prayers for the group that went to the Ark as they head back tomorrow.

Thu. Oct 25

Don LaRocca's heart surgery went well & he is in recovery.

Wed. Oct 24

Be in prayer for Barbara King as she has knee replacement today.

Mon. Oct 22

Brother James David Smith went home to be with Jesus Friday night.  Visitation was held yesterday at LFBC.  The funeral service will be held today at 11am at Lake Fork Baptist Church.

From Linda Tramel: Please continue to pray for Mark who is in Hospice care at home. Also, remember our daughter Julie who has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and is seeking treatment. And for our son Kellen, he is up for a parole review and we are praying he makes it home ASAP for his ailing dad. 

Thur. Oct 18

Update from Danny Meek: Lillian White is resting in ICU after her open heart surgery this morning. Jack Anderson is back home and doing ok now. Also, Bro David Smith is resting at home. Continued prayers for all of these are still needed. 

Wednesday night prayer requests: Kathleen Harper-lung cancer biopsy and surgery to follow, Mark Crisp- shoulder surgery Thursday, Lance Penny- job, Dana Penney- possible cancer on her face, Kerri Thorn- health, Lisa Smith- (Kerri Thorn's friend) recovering from surgery. 


Wed. Oct 17

Prayers needed for Jack Anderson. He's having some complications from his surgery.


Betty Breeland has left the rehab facility she was in and is staying again with her daughter Charlotte. Please continue to lift both these ladies up in prayer.

from Sue Medders: Please keep Windle & Julie Gaston in prayer. Windle is undergoing treatment for multiple myeloma and stem cell therapy in Arkansas.  

Please lift Kim Warren (Sandy Marshall's sister) in prayer.  Kim was in a very bad car accident yesterday.  She is in Christus Mother Frances in Tyler with internal injuries, broken bones. Prayers for God's healing hand to be upon Kim & prayers for the team caring for her.

Lillian While will undergo open heart surgery on Thursday at 7am.  Please be in prayer for Lillian, Roger & the surgery team.

Tues. Oct 16

Please lift the Wyatt family in prayer.

Mon. Oct 15

Be in prayer for Lillian White & Roger.  Lillian will undergo open heart surgery on Thursday at ETMC Tyler.  No time set yet.

Lift Lee Pryor in prayer.  He is not doing well & is in a lot of pain.  His prognosis doesn't look good.  Please lift Lee up for pain relief & healing; & prayers for strength & comfort for Debra & Shonda.

Thu. Oct 11

Prayers for Jack Anderson.  He had back surgery yesterday & now has a spinal fluid leak.  Lift Jack & Judy & his physicians in your prayers.

Please lift Terri Harrison in prayer.  She was hit by a cow this morning & has been taken by Careflight to UT Health (ETMC) in Tyler.

from Jeri Norris:  I ask that you continue to lift my friend Nancy's grandson, Reece in prayer.  He has been released from the hospital, but is still sick & not drinking very much.

Wed. Oct 10

Chelsea Ramsey's uncle, God knows the needs.

Bill Fleming ( Carole Duvall's brother) will be undergoing 3 stage deep brain stimulation surgery for Parkinson's. Oct 10, Oct 17, and Oct 24. Pray for success. Success rate is now 97% with 3% failures of stroke or death. Pray God will use this. 

Mon. Oct 8

Be in prayer for David & Linda Morrow as they care for their 4 year old great nephew, Ryder full-time.

from Jeri Norris:  Please be in prayer for my good friend, Nancy's grandson, Reece.  He has been sick with a stomach virus for a week.  They took him to the hospital Sunday & they kept him overnight & looks like he will have to stay again tonight.  Lift up his mama & daddy, Kaitlin & Jace.

from Peggy McAdams:  Please lift up my friend, Brenda Breazeale in prayer.  She has pneumonia & is very sick.

from Peggy McAdams:  Please be in prayer for Bill & Wanda Soden.  Bill is in rehab in Sulphur Springs.  He has Parkinson's & other medical problems.

Sun. Oct 7

Ronnie West services:  Visitation tonight at Wilson Bartley Funeral Home 6pm-8pm & service will be Monday, Oct 8 at 2 pm at Amazing Grace Fellowship Church in Alba.

Fri. Oct 5

Please lift Dorothy West & family in prayer.  Her son, Ronnie was killed in an auto accident yesterday.

Be in prayer for Claude McAdams.  He will have day surgery at the Dallas VA on Tuesday, Oct 9.

Lift Doug & Carol Markham's family in prayers.  Their granddaughter died yesterday.

Thurs. Oct 4

Wednesday Night prayer requests: Jonni White-loss of her husband, Bobby Petree- going into basic training, John Smith's dad Ed Smith and the Smith family, Chelsea Ramsey's uncle and his health. 

Mon. Oct 1

Please lift Becky Bell in prayer as she recovers from gall bladder surgery.

Continue to remember Bro David & Ginger Smith in your prayers.

Fri. Sept 28

Please lift Betty Stribley in prayer.  Her brother, Bobby passed away yesterday.  Prayers for his family too.

Be in prayer for Colleen Petree's grandson, Bobby.  He will enter the Army basic training on October 8.

Wed. Sept 26

Bob Stephenson is feeling a little better.  Continue to lift him in prayers.

Tue. Sept 25

Lift Marc & Linda Tramel in prayer.  Marc is in hospice care with Cypress Basin Hospice.

Mon. Sept 24

Please be in prayer for Loudele Dowdy.  Her husband, Harvey passed away last Friday.  Visitation & funeral service will be Tuesday, Sept 25, visitation will be 1:00 - 2:00 pm & service will follow at 2:00 pm at Wilson-Orwosky Funeral Home in Emory.

Please lift Bob Stephenson in prayer.  He got sick on the return flight from Africa & is still feeling really bad.

Be in prayer for Barbara Shirley.  The migraines have hit her again with a vengeance.  She is in a lot of pain.

Continue to pray for Betty Breeland.  She fell while at her daughter's & is back in the hospital, but in Dallas this time.  Doctors say she just needs more time to heal from the initial brain aneurysm. 

Continue to be in prayer for Jeri's mom & family.  Her mother is in the rehab/nursing home in Sulphur Springs.  She needs to eat to gain strength & is not doing well with that at this time.

Mon. Sept 17

Pat Carroll's father passed away Sunday night from a massive heart attack.  Arrangements not scheduled as of yet.

Continue to pray Jeri's mom.  She was moved out of ICU but family needs much prayer.

Prayers needed for caregivers (Beverly Payne and Rhonda Hermidi)  Rohonda fell and bruised her ribs and Beverly fell and is requiring surgery on her knee. They are caregivers for Linda Leonard's mom and step-dad.

Betty Breeland is still recovering in CTMF.  They are still requesting no visitors at this time so that she can rest enough to be released.

Fri. Sept 14

Betty Breeland is continuing improve.

Jeri Norris' Mom finally had a hip surgery and is doing well.  Please continue to pray for the family as they are facing some tough decisions ahead.

Thu. Sept 13

From Cecil Gaines: praises for his sister coming through her by-pass surgery and doing well. Also, asking for prayer for his nephew Sean who is in North Carolina and and dealing with the Hurricane.

UPDATE on Ms. Betty: she is out of surgery and doing well. 

Ms. Betty Breeland is in CTMF Tyler. She suffered a brain aneurysm last night. Doctors are hopeful that surgery can be done today. Please lift her up in prayer.


Wednesday Night prayer requests: Kelly Carrington- adrenal tumor; surgery is pending, Pat Carroll's father Herb- has been moved to hospice care, Morgan Krantz- is in South Carolina in the path of Hurricane Florence, Shelby Parker- had open heart surgery last Friday, Betty Kersten- health, Jeri Norris and family- mom Ivanell is in the hospital .


Tues. Sept 11

Update from Barry on Rachel McClure: She is out of surgery and doing really well . 

Prayers for Rachel McClure as she has cataract surgery on her right eye today in Sunnyvale.


Mon. Sept 10

Please lift up Jeri Norris and her family. Her mom is in the hospital with multiple serious health issues. We know God still answers prayers.  

From Sonja Rosson: please be in prayer for my 52 yr old nephew Jeff. He had a stroke last night. She wanted you  all to know that it was 4 wks. ago today she had her stroke and she is doing really well. She thanks you for your prayers. 


Fri. Sept 6

Virginia Brogden sent the church her new address in Joshua. Call the office if you would like to send her a card. She also said to tell everyone that she misses you all & to please keep her in your prayers.

Thu. Sept 6

Wednesday night prayer requests:  Barron C - wisdom & peace

Wed. Sept 5

Praises for Tod Byrd's mom getting released from the hospital Saturday.  Also praises for Jeri Norris' cousin's new born that is home now.

Tue. Sept 4

Lift Cecile Gaines' sister-in-law, Linda in prayer.  She had a heart cath & shows 3 or more blockages.  Waiting for heart surgery to be scheduled.

Please be in prayer for Virginia Brogden as she moves to Joshua TX to be near family.

Sun. Sept 2

Ann Sharp's sister-in-law's surgery went well.  Ann says "Thanks" for all the prayers.

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