This page is for LFBC family, local families and communities to unite in prayer for each other.  If you have a prayer need, use the prayer request form.

Tue. June 11

Please be in prayer for Jeri Norris. She has done something to her rib they think and is in a lot of pain. 

Please lift up Bill Stewart. He is in surgery now having his other shoulder replacement done. He is at Baylor in Dallas.

Mon. June 10

Please lift up Donna Dunn and her family in prayer. Donna's dad Joe Waldrop went home to be with Jesus on Saturday. 

Thu. June 6

Wednesday Night Prayer Requests:  Keri Thorn - ongoing health issues, Chrystel Crowder

from Kelli Moore:  Please lift up Carole Duvall in prayer.  She is on her way to Christus Mother Frances, Louis & Peaches Heart Hospital  in Tyler for testing for possible heart complications.

Tue. June 4

Be in prayer for Grace Fellowship family in Winnsboro.  Their pastor, Billy Condrey was killed in an accident this past weekend.  Lift his family & co-workers in prayer also.  

Please be in prayer for Stan Kuhn's sister.  Her husband passed away Sunday, I think.

Mon. June 3

Janice Dyess ask that we pray for one of her former students. Kayliegh Wilson is 16 and will need open heart surgery this week. Pray for her family and the medical staff caring for Kayliegh. 

Fri. May 30

Please continue to pray for Lou and Evelyn Cole's daughter, Tracie Wells.  She is in St. Luke's Hospital in the Woodlands dehydrated and very sick.

Wed. May 29

Please lift Tracy Ray's brother, Kenny & his wife Linda in prayer.  Kenny had gall bladder surgery last week & has been sick ever since.  He has been taken to ER in Tyler.

Please be in prayer for Ms. Jessie's nephew, Jack Head, who is in the hospital at Sulphur Springs, Christus Mother Frances.  He has a blood infection.

Be in prayer for Bro Andre, former pastor at FBC Alba.  He is dealing with headaches from a past fall.

from Linda Grimes:  Please be  in prayer for my sister, Ruth Ann.  She was just diagnosed with breast cancer & will have surgery on June 4.  The doctors believe they caught it early.

Lift Sherry Pace's brother, Bill Sweeden in prayer for health concerns.

Tue. May 28

Please lift Evelyn Cole's daughter, Tracie in prayer.  She is in the hospital with gall bladder blockage & is in serious condition.

from Sherry Pace:  Please pray for my cousin, John.  He has cancer.

Lift Kat Hedges in prayer.  Her Fibromyalgia has started acting up & she is in a lot of pain.

Be in prayer for Shirley Haskins.  Her brother passed away.

Continue to lift the Thompson family (auto accident last week) in prayer.  The daughter has been released from the hospital with neck brace, both wrists broken in casts.  Mom, Melanie, is still in the hospital is very serious condition.  She has had two or three surgeries already & will need more.  Pray for her husband as he tries to handle the kids & checkinging on his wife.

Thur. May 23

Wednesday night prayer requests:  Dave F (Colleen Petree's nephew) - stroke, Bobby Petree (Coleen Petree's grandson) - training for deployment in September.

Becky Watson was released from ER to go home.  No broken bones, bruises.

Prayers for the David Bass family. He went to see Jesus after a long battle with cancer. He was a coach at Rains & a neighbor of the DeWayne & Jenette Cleveland.  Also a long time Rains resident, Phillip Cason, lost his battle with cancer & gained his wings.  Please be in prayer for this family too.

Update:  Urgent prayers need for the mom.  She is in ICU.  That's all I know, God knows her needs.

An Emory family, the Thompsons, were injured last night in an auto accident after the Rains girls softball game.  Mom & daughter are both in the hospital.  Son was not injured.

Wed. May 22

Please lift Becky Watson in prayer.  She has been in an auto accident.  She is at Quitman hospital.  No details yet.

Be in prayer for Tom Walters.  He fell breaking his leg in two places.  The doctor set his leg.  Pray for it to heal.

Lift up Josh & Krystle Allred & family.  Josh's grandfather went home to be with Jesus.


Please be in prayer for Bill & Lana Stewart's granddaughters.  They were involved in a car accident.  One has lots of cuts & bruises & the other has a broken nose & concussion. Praises for them not being injured any worse.

Please be in prayer for Tracy Ray's brother, Kenny as undergoes gallbladder surgery.

Please be in prayer for Clyde Smith.  He is at Christus Mother Frances Hospital in ICU.  He will be in the hospital for a week or two.  Remember to be praying for his wife, Becky too.

Tue. May 21

Please be in prayer for Ken and Judy Wright who lost thier 49 y/o daughter this morning.

Several surgeries this week. Jeri Norris' dad had double knee replacemant on Monday. Sher Meek also had a knee replacement on Monday. Earl Edleston is having surgery today. Please lift these people up in prayer.  

Wed. May 15

Be in prayer for Marvin Carr.  He has been diagnosed with prostate cancer & will be undergoing further testing in the week.


Bill Haupt's surgery went well.  They didn't have to open his chest, but went thru his ribs.

The Redd's son's surgery went well.

Nelda Sweazy is feeling much better after having her kidney stones blasted.

Praises for Josh & Erin Neill's new baby boy, born yesterday.  Grarham Rex Neill, 7.7 lbs.

Prayers for Emma Owens as she is having kidney surgery.  Update:  Emma's surgery went well. 

Tue. May 14

Please remember to lift Emma Owens in prayer on Wednesday as she undergoes kidney surgery in Baylor Dallas.

Mon. May 13

from Chelsea Ramsey:  Please pray for my friend's uncle who had a seizure & is in a coma.  Please  pray for healing.

from Nancy Morris:  Please be in prayer for my sister, Jamie in Country Trails Nursing Home in Grand Saline.  She has a severe UTI.  Praying for it to clear up.

Please be in prayer for Kailee, Mike & Susan Diehl's granddaughter.  She will be undergoing open heart surgery on May 16th  She is 15 y/o.

Prayers for the Redd's son, Troy Jr today for bladder surgery.  Also lift Troy up.  He is having lots of problems walking.

Thu. May 9

Jack Anderson is doing much better.  He hopes to go home tomorrow or the next day.

Please lift Reba Burch up in prayer for healing after her gall bladder surgery.

Mary McCoy's back surgery went well.  Continue to pray for speedy healing.

Wed. May 8

Ronnie Hart had back surgery this morning and is doing well.  Should go home tomorrow.

Bill Thorne's grandson, Tristen Brown was kicked by a horse yesterday and is in CMF ICU in Tyler with a lacerated liver. 

Marvin Carr is having health concerns.

Please pray for Sonja Rosson as she is recovering from her surgery.  She now has cellulitus and fell out of the car a couple of weeks ago hitting her head on the concrete trying to get to church.

Mary McCoy's grandson is in the hospital after having a car accident.

Jack Anderson is in CMF with bacterial pneumonia and the flu.  Also having some kidney problems.

Tues. May 7

Virdie Horton in CTMF with colitis, receiving antibiotics.    

Mary McCoy is having back surgery on Thurs.  Mary's grandson had a wreck and is hospital also.

Mon. May 6

Please continue to pray for Kathy Harper as she is still suffering from kidney surgery.

Fri. May 3

from Annie McNown:  Please be in prayer for my sister-in-law, Reta.  She found a spot on her head & it is melanoma.  

Thu. May 2

Wednesday night prayer requests: Kerri Thorn - ongoing health concerns, Bobby Petree - Army training, Justin Edens - very painful incurable disease

Tue. April 30

Bo Fite had his knee surgery today and his wife Anna says it went well. 

Both Ronnie and Sandra Hart will be having surgery within a week of each other. Sandra will have kidney surgery May 1 and Ronnie will have back surgery May 8. They will be needing our prayers during this time.

Thu. April 25

Wednesday Night Prayer Requests:  Betty Breeland - health, Wayne Ortloff - health, Penney family, Lee South -cancer, Joyce Ray - cancer, Olita - cancer

Wed. April 24

Praises for Bill Gurley's clean bill of health!

Attention:  Ms Jessie Locke will be celebrating her 96th birthday this Saturday from 12 - 2 at her house.  Just drop by & wish her a happy birthday if possible.

Be in prayer for Luke, Dan & Jan Skinner's grandson.  He is at Children's hospital with a virus that has dehydrated him & sent his blood pressure  up.

Mon. April 22

Praises:  Kathy Harper is being released from the hospital & the doctors got all the cancer.  No treatments needed.

Thu. April 18

Praises for Sandy Stephenson.  She has been released to go home & will be treated with diet.

Kathy Harper is at UT Health in Tyler #5828.  She had part of her lung removed, waiting on test results.  She will be in the hospital for several days.  Being in prayer for Kathy & Willard.

Emma Owens got good news at her doctor appointment today.  She has a tumor on her kidney & they will be able to remove just the tumor & not the whole kidney.  Scheduled for surger at Baylor Dallas on May 15. Be in prayer for Emma & David.

Tue. April 16

Please lift Sandy & Bob Stephenson in prayer.  Sandy is headed to Christus Mother Frances in Tyler for observation.

Mon. April 15

Lift Elaine Douglas in prayer.  She was supposed to have surgery today, but during preop found she has some heart issues.  They are doing an EKG today & a heart cath tomorrow.

Fri. April 12

Be in prayer for Becky Owens & family.  Becky's mom, Esta Feely went home to be with Jesus.  Visitation will be Sunday, April 14 2pm - 5pm at West Oaks Funeral Home in Sulphur Springs.  Service will be at the same place on Monday, April 15 at 10am.

Thu. April 11

Prayers for Joyce Stephens.  She is being taken from UT Health Quitman to UT Health Pittsburg.

Hospital:  Prayers for Tena Florez.  She fell last night.They thought she broke her hip, but looks ok on MRI.   Prayers for Bill Gurley.  He had surgery yesterday.  Both Tena & Bill are in Christus Mother Frances at Tyler.

Wednesday night prayer requests:  Bobby Petree - Army training for a month in Mojave Desert, Lee South - cancer

Wed. April 10

Sonja Rosson is being released today from rehab to go home.  Continue to pray for speedy healing with her hip replacement.

Tue. April 9

We just got word that Ms. Betty Breeland is moving to Arlington to be near her daughter.  They are packing this week.

Continue to be in prayer for Bobby & Sue Medders.  Bobby is at Legend Healthcare in Greenville for rehab.  Sue has been in the hospital since Sunday, but going home today.

Cyndi McCrory asks that you join with her in prayer as she seeks God's will in her marital issues. 

Update: Marvin Carr is back home and doing better. Corliss and Marvin thank you for your prayers. 

Thu. April 4

from Ann Sharp:  Please pray for my son, Tal Moody.  His company is laying off workers & he's concerned about his job.

Wed. April 3

Lift up Marvin Corliss as he undergoes surgery today for his achilles. He also has some other health issues going on that he is in need of prayer for. 

LIft Elaine Douglas in prayer.  She will have surgery on April 15th.

Judy Gwaltney will be having surgery on April 4th.  Please lift her in prayer.

Continue to be in prayer for Bobby & Sue Medders.  Bobby is doing better, but still in the hospital.  Not sure when he will go to rehab.  Sue is praying for soon.

Tue. April 2

LIft the Johnny Wallace family in prayer.  Johnny went home to be with the Lord.  Visitation is tonight at Emory Baptist Church 6-8pm, Service will tomorrow 2pm at Emory Baptist Church.

Update:  Virdie's surgery went well.  Be in prayer for Virdie Horton today as she undergoes knee replacement at Christus Mother Frances.

Mon. April 1

Lift the Al Gates family in prayer.  Al went home to the Lord on Saturday.

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