ADULTS - Open Waters

We encourage you to connect with a Sunday Morning Bible Study. A small group connection will assist you in your personal spiritual growth, fellowship, and developing new friendships as you study God's Word. 


Ladies Friendship - left of Sanctuary stage

Teacher - Sonja Kuykendall

Age: 60+  

Titus Women - Smith Education Bldg #330 upstairs

Teacher - Jan Kerr

Age: all ages


Men's Lighthouse - right of Sanctuary stage

Teachers - Charles Patrick & Bill Stewart

Age: all ages

The Journey - Sanctuary Balcony

Teacher:  Richard Watkins

Age:  all ages


Young Singles - Family Life Center-upstairs

Teachers: Brandon and Shelby Harry

Age: 18-25ish

Focus on the Family 1 - Smith Education Bldg #321 upstairs

Teacher - Bud Allred

Age: 20+

Focus on the Family 2 - Smith Education Bldg #318

Teacher - Dave Ragsdale and Marty Roberson

Age:  30+

C.I.A (Christians in Action) - Smith Education Bldg #335

Teacher - Robert Lane

Age:  50+

Fishers of Men - Sanctuary Balcony

Teacher - Barry McClure

Age:  50+

Dedicated Disciples - Smith Education Bldg #317

Teacher - Ricky Wansley

Age:  50+

Cross Bearers - Smith Education Bldg #323 upstairs

Teacher - Charles Horton

Age: 60+

Family Matters - Smith Education Bldg #329 upstairs

Teacher - Lewis Sweazy

Age: 60+

New Beginnings - Smith Education Bldg #309 downstairs

Teacher - Joyce Stephens

Age: 60+ 

Agape - Smith Education Bldg #333-334 upstairs

Teacher - Danny Meek

Age: all ages

David's Flock - Sanctuary left side

Teacher - David Allen

Age: all ages

Followers - Sanctuary, right side of baptistry upstairs

Teacher - Bob Stephenson

Age: all ages

Tracey Bartley - Associate Pastor/Education Minister