COVID-19 update - 6/04/20

Hello LFBC Family;

We want to share our latest COVID-19 updates. As our government continues to change and adapt our social distancing measures, we at LFBC continue to change and adapt. While Texas is entering stage three of re-opening the state, we want to take a few more steps toward returning to normal operations as a church. In consultation with the staff, we will update our seating arrangement in the sanctuary, and we will make some changes regarding Sunday school and Bible studies.

1.  The church physical distancing markers in the Sanctuary have been removed in all areas except on the far-right side (opposite of the band) which will be reserved for people who still need/want to wear a mask in order to attend church. Signs will be posted to designate this reserved area only. For everyone else, we ask that you take precautions for yourself and for others around you for seating separation.

2. Wednesday, July 1st, we will begin meeting at 6:30 pm for all ages in their respective areas for Bible Study. We will not have meals, van pick-up of children/youth, or allow dropping off of students. This is due to our concern for social distancing in our younger age group and not having enough adult workers to meet the need. All adults will meet in the sanctuary, youth in the youth area, children in the new children’s worship area, and preschool in a limited amount of preschool rooms. Using only these designated areas will help reduce the necessary sanitizing and cleaning afterwards. Temperatures of all children will be taken upon arrival.

3. Sunday, July 5th, we will begin Sunday School. We are waiting until July 5th to allow Sharon time to make sure she has enough workers in place and to allow for training on proper cleaning and sanitizing of toys, furniture, and restrooms. Some of our Preschool/Children teachers and workers are not able to return at this time, so Sharon is working hard to make adjustments to classrooms and calling for volunteers to help. Temperatures of all children will be taken upon arrival.

4. While we are opening Sunday School for all classes, we know that some of our adult teachers might feel uncomfortable in teaching or attending, so please contact your class teacher about his/her intentions for the class. I have asked all teachers to practice social distancing in the classroom setting.


If your adult class is choosing to not meet at this time, you are invited to join another class until yours resumes meeting. I am encouraging teachers to zoom their class meetings for members who are not able to attend.  

We will continue to keep you abreast of any changes. Our final phase is to, at some point, resume Sunday night worship, resume Wednesday night meals, and resume van pickup. Hopefully, all of these can begin in August, but that date will be determined based on our teachers, workers, and custodial staff returning to 100%. Please pray for all of our teaching staff, ministry teams, and volunteers as they make their way back to safely serving in the church.

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