LFBC deacons

  • Tod Byrd - Chairman

    Tod services in the jail ministry at Wood Co Jail.


    Randy also serves on our New Building Committee.

  • Marty Robinson - Secretary

    Marty co-teaches Focus on the Family 2 class and he is also LFBC Assistant Treasurer.

  • James (Bud) Allred

    Bud is also the teacher for Focus on the Family 1, young married couples.

  • David Cross

    David also works with Josh Allred in the youth department.

  • Ron Harpole

    Ron is co-teaching a new Sunday School class called, The Bereans.

  • Clay Hightower

  • Bennie James

    Bennie is a member of our Audio/Visual team in the sound booth.

  • Steve Judkins

  • Robert Lane

    Robert teaches C.I.A. (Christians in Action).

  • Marvin Marshall

    Marvin is chairman of our kitchen team.

  • Charles Patrick

    Charles co-teaches the Men's Lighthouse class with another deacon, Bill Stewart.

  • Wayne Parker

    Wayne is also the chairman of LFBC Finance Committee.

  • John Smith

  • Bill Stewart

    Bill is LFBC's treasurer and also co-teaches the Men's Lighthouse class with Charles Patrick.

  • Lewis Sweazy

  • Ted Warren

  • Dustin Wedeking

    Dustin also serves as chairman of the Missions Committee.

  • Don Weems

  • Kent Weems