God has done great things at Lake Fork Baptist Church and they are "marvelous in our eyes." The need in our community was far greater that what we had ever anticipated. Our purpose is to "plant" and "water" and leave the "increase" to God.  

OUR DESIRE is to have a church that preaches the Gospel of God's grace and love and also serve as a.........

  • SPIRITUAL HOSPITAL - For wounded Christians. There are multitudes of Christians who have dropped out of church, sadly to say, because of being hurt or wounded by other Christians.  
  • A LIGHTHOUSE - that sends out the light to those who have lost their way and are wandering in their own personal wilderness. 
  • SPIRITUAL FILLING STATION - where Christians can find encouragement and strength after being beaten on by the world and assaulted by Satan all week. 


The Mission of Lake Fork Baptist Church is:

To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in obedience to the Word of God, in worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism; and reaching out to the people of Lake Fork - and beyond - so they may become followers of Christ with us. 


Our commitment is to "connect" people with God and other people. We do this by following the purpose-driven strategy of going beyond the four walls of the church into the community and by being a service tot he community throughout the week. This happens through four basic connections.

1. We are committed to Membership.

2. We are committed to Maturity.

3. We are committed to Ministry.

4. We are committed to Missions.